Axiom Veterinary Laboratories has launched a new pet allergy test, which is not affected by medication and requires no withdrawal period prior to testing.

MiPetAllergy features additional allergens on its panels, together with a food elimination diet selector tool, developed in association with Royal Canin.
Dan Sherry, general manager at Axiom, said: “Allergies are increasing among companion animals and identifying accurately which allergen is causing the problem in a particular pet can be one of the toughest challenges veterinary staff face in practice. “MiPetAllergy represents two-and-half years of research, so we are delighted to announce its arrival.
“Axiom is confident there will be complete concordance between the screen and panel results that they are offering a money back guarantee if they are discordant.
“We hope it will help practices dealing with allergy patients to identify and treat for the specific allergens causing their symptoms.”
The research team at Axiom produced MiPetAllergy in partnership with pharmaceutical companies ALK and BMS.
Martyn Carpenter, director of Axiom, added: “The introduction of the MiPetAllergy testing is timely as it coincides with the change in Axiom’s supplier of immunotherapy.
“During November and December 2014 the Veterinary Medicines Directorate started rejecting applications for STCs and advising European licensed immunotherapy products should now be used in the UK as part of the cascade. Both our new allergy test and new vaccines are manufactured by the same company.”
Axiom is based in Newton Abbott in Devon and has a satellite lab in Vauxhall, London.
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