The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) wants East Riding of Yorkshire Council to refuse permission for a facility to breed beagles and other animals to be used in experiments.

Similar plans to breed beagles on the same site at Grimston in Yorkshire were blocked last year following a public outcry across the UK.
NAVS chief executive Jan Creamer said: “This unpopular and unwanted facility will be responsible for breeding thousands of beagle dogs for a life in the laboratory, where they will be subjected to painful tests. It not only goes against good scientific practice, but runs counter to moves towards non-animal methods. We can only hope that commonsense will prevail and these plans will be overturned once again.”
In a detailed submission to the council, the NAVS claims:
The coalition Government is working “to reduce the use of animals in scientific research” – claims by Yorkshire Evergreen and B&K Universal the proposed facility will provide “opportunities for sustainable economic development” cannot be substantiated and are clearly at odds with this Government initiative to reduce, not increase, the use of animals in research.
Science is moving away from testing on dogs – statistics show both the number of procedures on beagles and the number of beagles used have fallen significantly over 13 years, showing a move away from their use. This trend is also reflected across the EU.
The welfare of dogs kept in breeding and research facilities is poor and of major concern to the public. The NAVS cites a consultation by the European Commission in which nearly 83% of respondents consider experiments on dogs are not acceptable.
The organisation also notes the conditions in which the animals are kept and how incidences of fighting at one research facility is likely to have been caused by the small barren pens in which the dogs lived, typical of the standards in UK laboratories. The NAVS note how the proposed facility has no windows.
In addition to its own submission, NAVS has also been calling on its supporters and members of the public to voice their objections to the council. 
Celebrities including Mark Radcliffe and Peter Egan have also joined the campaign by signing a petition objecting to the planned beagle breeding facility, which closed with 40,651 signatures:

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