A group set up to review animal welfare research is seeking new members.

The Animal Welfare Working Group, which was set up last year, is being funded by the bioscience research council BBSRC for three years.

It is reviewing BBSRC-funded research contributing to the welfare of managed animals (including farmed, laboratory and companion animals), both vertebrates and relevant invertebrates (for example, bees), and will encourage links to researchers working on non-managed species.

Among several aims, the network wants to foster links between animal welfare researchers and the broader academic community, facilitate new research collaborations and initiate bids for funding, improve communication between researchers and industry and develop a website to promote animal welfare science.

Visit http://bit.ly/1F4RYMr to find out more about the network. The closing date for applications is February 20.

There will be an opportunity to discuss how to move forward with the network at a workshop being held in London on March 17.

The meeting is organised by the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs) and BBSRC.

It will bring together the recipients of 17 animal welfare research grants awarded in 2012. Nine grants were made by the BBSRC, covering farm and companion animal welfare, and eight were from the NC3Rs, covering the welfare of laboratory animals. T

he meeting is open to researchers interested in hearing about the outcomes from the grants, and representatives of stakeholder groups, which are in a position to implement some of the research findings.

The keynote presentation will be given by University of Guelph behavioural biologist Georgia Mason, who is a visiting professor in welfare physiology at the Royal Veterinary College.

Attendance is free, but advanced registration is essential. Registration closes on March 3. To find out more go to http://bit.ly/1J7Bh5Z

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