Eat your heart out Great British Bake Off – Royal Veterinary College undergraduates have proved themselves as master cake makers, as well as keen students.

Henrietta the Highland cow giving birth - in cake form.Students at the college organised a baking competition with a veterinary twist, with entries including confectionary cows, brain-shaped jellies and a cake displaying canine heart surgery.

Sarah Williams, RVC lecturer in veterinary anatomy, told vetsonline: “Perhaps cakes themed around seminiferous tubules and cow caesareans would not be too welcome at your average bake sale but the judges were amazed at the high quality of the cakes produced by both staff and students – they really are very talented.”

The “sweet anatomy” competition took place on November 14, as an alternative to the traditional undergraduate practice of thanking staff at the end of placements. 

Winners included cakes entitled “Of Mites and Men”, “RTA”  and “Cow caesarean”.

The students also raised more than £200 for the school’s Animal Care Trust charity.


More cakes and a blind taste test.
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