A new design of nitrile glove, originally aimed at the medical market,is becoming popular with the animal health professions for providing essential protection, as well as leaving hands feeling smooth and healthy.

Coated on the inside with pure freeze-dried aloe vera a natural emollient the nitrile gloves hydrate the skin and help to keep it healthy.

KiwiKit director, Kim Petty, tried the aloe gel lined gloves for milking on his own dairy farm and claimed their “superior protection” actually helped combat dryness and skin irritation whilst promoting healthier skin.

Nitrile gloves She said: “We like to make sure our products work before offering them on the market, and we all found they made quite a difference to the feel of our hands, but still stood the test of milking and dairy chemicals. We feel they have a good future for use in a far wider market than medicine.

“They are becoming popular with dairy farmers, foot trimmers, vets, dog groomers and many other users for their superior strength and comfort, whilst providing satisfactory protection.”

The Nitrile Gloves are 7.5mm at the finger, come in standard and 12 length wrist lengths, in sizes from small up to XL, and are ideal for use where hand protection with sensitivity is required.

Contact KiwiKit for samples. E-mail sales@kiwikit.co.uk or call 01584 831452.

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