The future of paperless pet insurance claims is said to have been strengthened with the strategic acquisition of the VetEnvoy eClaim service.

vetenvoy AllianzAllianz Insurance, owner of Petplan, has announced its purchase of VetEnvoy, the UK-based electronic communications and data hub.

Backed by SPVS, VetEnvoy works with practice management systems to enable vets to quickly process insurance claims on a completely paperless basis and free up time for practice staff.

Securing the future

In a statement, Allianz said: “This strategic purchase will not only secure the future of eClaims for the pet insurance category, but also help secure the future of other veterinary digital communication projects that are backed by the SPVS VetXML consortium, including lab reports and microchip registration.”

Gary Davess – Allianz director, personal and speciality lines – said: “VetEnvoy will continue to operate as a separate company, with strict data protection rules and ring-fencing in place that will prevent Allianz or Petplan from accessing data other than its own.

“VetEnvoy will continue business as usual and continue to provide its service to all its current partners, including pet insurers.”

‘Stronger footing’

James Barnes, Petplan head of sales and partnerships, said: “This is great news for pet insurance and the whole veterinary industry as with Allianz’s backing the future developments in electronic communication and data transfer will now be on a stronger footing.

“The SPVS VetXML consortium will remain the cornerstone of the development process of all schemas, and VetEnvoy will continue to work with and support the consortium and its members.”

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