An Israeli pharmaceutical company has showcased its new aural dosing technology on a Sumatran tiger.

A fledgling Israeli pharmaceutical company has showcased its new aural dosing technology on a Sumatran tiger.

Pedang the tiger being treated with FoamOticOtic Pharma has devised a foam-based delivery system, named FoamOtic, which expands in the ear canal to provide complete and even coverage of the infected area, without dripping.

The human variant of the product is currently at advanced trial stage, and Otic Pharma is currently is starting initial trials on small animal versions.

However, when Otic Pharma heard one very large animal, Pedang the tiger from the Isreali Wildlife Hospital, was suffering from chronic ear infection, it stepped in to help.

Vet and chief executive of the Israeli Wildlife Hospital Igal Horowitz said: “Pedang has been suffering from a chronic ear infection for several years now, but now his condition is deteriorating and infection frequency is increasing. We believe Otic Pharma’s novel treatment has the potential to significantly contribute to the tiger’s recovery.”

Pedang was dosed with a special preparation of FoamOtic containing antibiotics, steroids and anti-fungal ingredients. The bacteria plaguing Pedang is a species of , which Otic Pharma says has been successfully eradicated by FoamOtic preparations in clinical studies in human patients diagnosed with acute otitis externa.

Rodrigo Yelin, vice-president of research and development at Otic Pharma, said: “We are convinced our unique product, which is in development for the treatment of common ear disorders in humans, is also very well suited for dogs and cats, which frequently suffer from otitis externa.

“One of its main strengths is, in contrast to ear drops, it does not spill out of the ear, despite the head shaking that follows application of ear medications to animals. Our preliminary studies show FoamOtic is well tolerated by dogs, and we are optimistic our innovative treatment will be able to alleviate Pedang’s recurrent infections.”

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