DEFRA hasissued advice to UK-based pig keepers and pork manufacturersfollowing the confirmation of swine flu in a Canadian herd transmitted froma human.

A DEFRA spokesman said: “We have not found the novel strainin pigs in the UK and maintain our surveillance. However thetransmission to pigs is not unexpected and our guidance to pig keepersreflects this.

DEFRA issues advice to pig keepers and pork manufacturers “The novel influenza A(H1N1) does not pose a foodsafety risk to consumers. It has not been shown to be transmissible topeople through eating pork and pork products.

“European Union(EU) rules currently allow the import of live pigs from Canada to theEU. Trade in live pigs to the UK from Canada is limited and only oneconsignment has been sent this year (in February). We will review thecurrent rules at EU level.

“Given the high health status of theconsignments likely to come from Canada, their infrequency, and thefact that disease has been found in only one herd to date, with anepidemiological link to Mexico, the risk from live pig imports fromthere is very low.

“Our advice to pig keepers is that they shouldstay out of contact with pigs if they have influenza signs. This isconsistent with the Health Protection Agency advice to returningtravellers, which asks people to stay out of contact with other peopleif they have influenza signs.”

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