The removal of names from the RCVS for non-payment is now complete, with 616 veterinary surgeons having beenremoved, 101 of which have since been restored to the Register.

The administration involved with removing a name for non-payment is time-consuming and costly. To be restored to the Register, the veterinary surgeon must pay the appropriate annual retention fee, and the restoration fee, currently of £294, which multiplies each time if fees are not paid in successive years.

The college writes to members register address several times to remind them when fees are due and, where an email address is maintained by the member as part of their formal record, also sends an email. It is however, the responsibility of members to inform the RCVS registration department of any changes to their contact details and to ensure that payment is made.

It is illegal for veterinary surgeons to practise or undertake any veterinary-related activities if their name does not appear on the RCVS Register. To help ensure that members removed for non-payment are aware that they have been removed from the Register, the full list of those removed for non-payment and not restored by the end of June can be downloaded from RCVS Online. The current status of individual veterinary surgeons can also be checked online.

A veterinary surgeon whose name has been removed from the Register and who wishes to restore him or herself can find out how to do this here. Alternatively, call Jenny Harris in the Registration Department on 020 7202 0739.

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