Receptionist Debbie Jolliffe, from VetsNow Emergency Clinic in Bristol, has become the 200th student to successfully achieve the BTEC award in veterinary practice client care.

Debbie Jolliffe, a receptionist at the VetsNow Emergency Clinic based at the PDSA Petaid Hospital Bristol, was presented with her certificate and celebratory flowers to mark her achievement on becoming the 200th student to successfully achieve the BTEC award in veterinary practice client care.

Mark Moran, project director, In Practice Learning, presents the 200th BTEC Award to Debbie Jolliffe of the VetsNow Emergency Clinic, Bristol.Since its launch the BTEC award, which is a nationally accredited level 2 client care qualification specifically for the veterinary profession, has attracted students from practices all over the country.

Mark Moran, project director for the BTEC award, said: “We continue to be delighted at the positive response we have received from our students since we launched the award, and we are proud to have achieved this milestone.

“Unlike attending a one day course, the BTEC award requires students to commit to learning over a period of time, to demonstrate that their skills meet a nationally accredited standard, and also formally recognises their achievements.”

Mr Moran said it was “especially fitting” that a VetsNow student had become the special award winner, as VetsNow were the first large veterinary group to work with BTEC to create a bespoke version of the award tailored to its own specific needs and reflecting its own culture, values and procedures – including the special challenges of providing emergency and critical care.

Reflecting on her award Debbie said: “I have worked as a nurse/receptionist for over 20 years, yet doing the course I have still found a lot more things to learn. The course has helped me to look back on my past experiences and learn from them. I feel that I now provide a better quality of service to the clients, their pets, and other members of the clinic team.”


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