Dechra Veterinary Products has announced Jo Langford from EndellVeterinary Group, Salisbury, as the winner for entering her patientSasha, a domestic short-haired female, into theFelimazolelongest-treated cat competition.

Ellie John from Endell Veterinary Group said: “We’ve a number of long-term hyperthyroid cats who have been able to live normal lives thanks to Felimazole. Sasha is now 20 years old and has been successfully treated since 2002.

“We see around 75 new cats a year in our surgery suffering from hyperthyroidism, owners are becoming more aware of the condition, but we believe there are still undiagnosed cases out there.

“Sashas owners visited Endell Veterinary Group seven years ago, when Sasha was getting noticeably thinner, despite a healthy appetite. Felimazole had just been launched and we were amongst the first owners in the country to trial this pioneering treatment, explains Sashas owner Mrs. Bevan.

“Soon after the treatment commenced, Sasha had a new lease of life, her fur grew back and coat once again became shiny and healthy. This product has really prolonged her life and given her a good lifestyle.”

Carol Morgan, Felimazole product manager at Dechra Veterinary Products said: “Were proud to announce Sasha as the longest-treated Felimazole cat, but if you know different we would be pleased to hear from you.”

If you think you have the longest treated Felimazole cat, contactyour local Dechra territory manager, call Dechra on 01743 441632 or .

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