Little Blue
Little Blue the poorly Persian

The cat has been sickly this weekend, which is very rare for her.

As she ages we have been handling things well. We removed her eye due to chronic ulceration, and she is much more comfortable. She’s also on NSAIDs for her arthritis, and we are hopefully starting acupuncture for this too. However acute vomiting and diarrhoea are not usual ailments.

We have offered some treatment and she is a little better, but at 17 years of age, my mind is rushing towards all the worst case scenarios.

To cap it all it’s a heatwave and I’m paranoid about her hydration, as well as fly strike around her smelly bum. I can’t share my worries with G as this is his baby. He’ll panic and not rationalise information, so I panic alone…

She’s in for a check up and poop sample tomorrow. My heart thinks lymphoma, my head says don’t be silly but, as a pampered house cat, what else could it be? (thyroid, renals, liver, diabetes mellitus…)

I’ve not Googled the symptoms yet, but can see the trap many owners fall into. While I sit and watch my beloved pet being unwell, I know what the drugs do and how long they take to work. I can weigh up the benefits of a trip to an emergency clinic over persevering with current treatment, but not everyone can.

So spare a thought for those who call you in a panic. Our knowledge is a wonderful thing, but not everyone has it, or the emotional intelligence to use it wisely.

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