Nominations for VN council have been announced, but VN turnout for voting is traditionally low – under 10%. Statistically you are more likely to have voted for a reality TV show that for your RCVS reps.

Get voting!
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Please can we change that this year?

According to the RCVS: “Candidate information and manifestos will be circulated to veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses during early-to-mid March, and votes will close on April 30, 2013. They will also be available online in due course.

“As with previous years, it will be possible to vote by text, online and via the post.

“A webinar-style hustings event is under development for the RCVS Council election candidates – more information will be available shortly.”

With options to question the candidates via RCVSonline and, please take a few minutes to see what they are saying and how they will shape your industry. Getting more VNs involved is so important to ensure those on council can fully represent ALL of your views.

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