I’m not talking Crufts. I mean real, local “all dogs matter” dog shows.

Photo by Matt Batchelor (cc)
Photo by Matt Batchelor (cc)

Before (and since) Wilson, I longed for a dog. As our summers approached I would look for little charity dog shows to enter. Finally we achieved it!

We were on holiday and a local dog shelter was hosting a show. We turned up and entered the Golden Oldie class. Bearing in mind Wilson was bald due to his alopecia X, and a little doddery, we thought we’d at least get placed! Judging took a long time. Wilson tired, and napped. As we toddled up to be judged, a heckler called: “Hurry up and judge that one before he dies!”

The shock, the horror! Who heckles and old dog at a charity show?

Wilson lived another two fabulous years after this. To finish the awfulness he wasn’t even placed. The judge gave prizes to six dogs all aged 7-8. Not oldies and so certainly not golden!

We still shudder when we go past the “scene of the crime”.

I’m hoping to attend more with a new dog. I’m not a glutton for punishment, I just believe that these small local shows raise money for, and awareness of smaller charities. I will gladly take part in more, and would encourage you and your practice to do the same. Find a local place you like and can support. They’re out there, but they can take some finding!

Finally, if anyone knows of a special needs Peke that needs a home – we are here!

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