Found 22 Equine CPD courses

  • CPD Actif: Mountain, What Mountain?

    CPD Actif |Samoens| £795 -

    CPD Actif: Active Learning, Personal Development & Adventurous Training Mountain? What Mountain? Motivation for Motivators This course is for anyone who needs motivating or needs to motivate others, be they staff, colleagues, partners, clients, suppliers, friends or loved ones. It’s all about maps; the first map is Daniel Pink’s MAP of motivation – mastery, autonomy [...]

    view details 23/01/2017 - 28/01/2017 All Day 32hrs
  • BEVA Human First Aid for Equine Vets

    British Equine Veterinary Association |Newmarket| FREE

    Following the findings from the BEVA 2014 injuries survey, that showed Equine Vets have the highest risk of any civilian occupation, this must attend course will address a range of traumatic/ medical conditions which can be prevalent in the equine veterinary industry on a daily basis. The course focuses on serious injuries within the equine [...]

    view details 13/02/2017 All Day 7hrs
  • BEVA Practical AI - the essentials

    British Equine Veterinary Association |Shropshire| £295 - 590

    The aim of the course is to ensure that delegates facing a stud season are fully conversant with the essential theory and practical techniques of equine artificial insemination. Lectures will include health requirements and paperwork for both mare and stallion; semen collection, handling processing and shipping, assessment of the mare prior to insemination; timing of [...]

    view details 14/02/2017 All Day 7hrs
  • BEVA South West Regional Meeting: Throats, Foals and Backs

    British Equine Veterinary Association |Broadwoodwidger, Lifton| £25 - 100

    An opportunity to be updated on topical issues in equine practice. Bryan O’Meara will discuss which upper airways disorders need, and do not need, over-ground endoscopy for diagnosis. Gemma Tyner will describe her approach to the neonatal foal which is not sucking from the mare. David Stack will discuss how sacro-iliac disease can be diagnosed [...]

    view details 15/02/2017 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm 3hrs
  • Equine CPD Day

    BVNA |Great Ayton| £from £99

    Hambleton Equine Clinic, Great Ayton, North Yorkshire TS9 6QD The nurses role in lameness workups Phil Cramp The normal equine neonate Sarah Stoneham Feeding foals around the weaning period Sarah Stoneham Post foaling complications in the mare Charlie Cooke The nurses role in colic workups Bonny Millar The surgeons approach to colic surgery Tim Barnett [...]

    view details 18/02/2017 9:00 am - 6:00 pm 6hrs
  • BEVA South of England Regional Meeting: Pregnancy and Beyond

    British Equine Veterinary Association |West Sussex| £25 - 100

    This evening meeting is aimed at all levels, from the Equine Practitioner who only sees a few mares and foals, to updating the more experienced Stud Veterinarian.

    view details 22/02/2017 5:30 pm - 9:45 pm 3hrs
  • BEVA Thriving Not Just Surviving in Equine Practice

    British Equine Veterinary Association |Oxford Road, Newbury| £175 - 350

    A workshop providing individuals with the techniques and skills to cope better with the pressures of practice, become more efficient, effective and make your life in practice more productive and ultimately more enjoyable.

    view details 02/03/2017 All Day 7hrs
  • BEVA Practical Sedation and Field Anaesthesia - the essentials

    British Equine Veterinary Association |Ripple| £245 - 490

    The aim of this course is to equip delegates with the practical techniques and theoretical understanding needed to confidently and competently provide sedation and anaesthesia for “field” surgery and diagnosis. Lectures will include current methods of single bolus short-term or prolonged sedation and anaesthesia and will also cover relevant medico-legal issues. Practical sessions will include [...]

    view details 09/03/2017 All Day 7hrs
  • BEVA Practical Ultrasonography of the Neck, Proximal Suspensory Ligament and Pastern

    British Equine Veterinary Association |Delting, Maidstone| £300 - 600

    This practical course, led Professor Jean-Marie Denoix, will include live demonstrations of the ultrasonographic anatomy of the equine neck, proximal suspensory ligament (fore and hind limbs) and pastern (fore and hind limbs) in normal horses, with discussion of the diagnostic features of common clinical conditions affecting these areas. For the afternoon practical sessions, delegates will [...]

    view details 05/04/2017 All Day 7hrs
  • BEVA Pre-Purchase Examination - the essentials

    British Equine Veterinary Association |North Trowbridge| £245 - 490

    These workshops are designed for those who, perhaps, do not spend all their professional time working with horses. Previous delegates have ranged from new graduates, wishing to extend their reach with regard to equine practice, right through to senior members who have felt the need to update their knowledge. The subject covers an area, which [...]

    view details 24/04/2017 All Day 7hrs
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