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Webinar plus: Navigating the CertAVP A module

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Price: £329.00

This course is available online. Please see below for more details on how to attend this course via the Internet.

Each week will include a one hour webinar, followed by online discussion of related topics. Discussion will be facilitated in such a way to help delegates develop their skills in reflection, problem-solving, ethics and professionalism, which will be beneficial in writing A module essays.

This Webinar Plus course is intended to help you with the skills necessary to be successful in the CertAVP A module. The A-FAVP is designed to promote and develop the skills that are intrinsic to the successful veterinary professional and the advanced practitioner: application of an expert body of knowledge, and making decisions in challenging situations, and this course is intended to support both of these outcomes. The most important, and most satisfying, way to succeed in the A module is to be able to connect the A module skills to the cases and situations you experience in your own veterinary practice; the focus of these four weeks will therefore be on how to apply these concepts to your own clinical experience. Help will be given on reflective writing, professional reasoning and decision-making, resolution of ethical dilemmas and managing challenging situations.

Note: Although this course has been designed to help those enrolled in the CertAVP A module, the skills developed and learning outcomes supported will be of relevance to anyone interested in professional development in this area.

The course will also satisfy the requirement for CPD in veterinary professional skills for those intending to obtain or maintain RCVS Advanced Practitioner status. There is a discounted fee on this course of £49 for existing CertAVP candidates. Please contact the CPD Unit office on 01707 666865 to book your place.

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