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Veterinary Management of Camelids

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Price: £280 + VAT

The Old Barracks, Lady Grove, Goring Heath



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This course will provide an introduction to the veterinary management of camelids, taught by the only RCVS Specialist in Camelid Health & Production, Claire E Whitehead. The objective of this course is to arm the general practice vet with sufficient confidence with which to approach most of the common scenarios seen in practice.

The course will cover:

  • Key anatomical and physiological differences of camelids as compared to other domestic large animal species
  • Routine on farm procedures such as restraint, venipuncture including catheter placement, castration, and nasolacrimal duct flushes.
  • How to approach the sick Camelid, including diagnostic selection and emergency management
  • Camelid parasite issues, both internal and external
  • Reproductive emergencies
  • Management of newborn crias
  • Dental management

Venue: Camelid Veterinary Services Ltd, near Reading.

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