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Triage and Patient Assessment

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Lecturer: Claire Roberts

The process of prioritising patients according to their degree of clinical compromise is an essential skill for all nursing staff to have, irrespective of the type of clinic you work within. In order to triage patients effectively an understanding of how to perform a major body system examination (primary survey) competently is vital. We will look at the various components of the major system examination and also discusses important aspects of the secondary survey.Additionally good, hands on, patient monitoring skills are needed, as this is one of the important roles for any veterinary nurse. In modern nursing, we have increased access to modern equipment, which can often be confusing, and scary, if unfamiliar with its use, and importantly, we need to understand the information these monitors are giving us!  We will look at the use of equipment such as pulse oximetry, capnography and ECGs, but will remind nurses of what is ‘normal’ in our patients and what abnormal signs can mean. This course will also look at the latest recommendations on Veterinary CPR and how these guidelines can be applied practically in the ‘crash’ situation.

Topics to be covered include:
-Primary and secondary surveys
-Hands on patient monitoring
-The role of equipment such as pulse oximetry, capnography and ECGs
-Latest recommendations for Veterinary CPR


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