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The Puppy Seminar


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Topcliffe Close

Capitol Park

Tingley, Leeds


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About this course

This is CAW’s Puppy Seminar Course. Puppy Parties are an increasingly common part of vet practice today. How do you set one up? What kind of advice should you offer? Book on today and find out from behaviour expert, Sara Whittaker.

The need for puppies to be socialised has been well documented. Introducing a puppy to new experiences at the right time has a huge impact on their learning and development. Put this together with proper owner education and you’re well on the way to a well-adjusted dog displaying socially acceptable behaviour.

A puppy party is an excellent source of information for owners seeking to prevent severe behaviour problems such as aggression and nervousness, as well as the more common training, behaviour and care issues. This course will help you set up a basic puppy party, and cover the social and behaviour issues facing today’s young dogs.

Delegates will consider:
• How to design a puppy training class
• How to set up puppy and owner achievement outcomes
• Developmental stages & socialization of the puppy
• Typical puppy problems – house training, chewing and puppy biting
• Setting behavioural ground rules
• Related equipment and pet food sales


  • Date09/11/2016 - 9:30 am - 4:00 pm
  • LocationCapitol Park
  • Price£185

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