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” The Collapsing dog”

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South Gloucestershire

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Determination of the cause of intermittent collapse can be quiet difficult and lead to an extensive diagnostic testing regimen. Non-neurological causes include cardiovascular, respiratory and orthopaedic disease. Neurological caused ranges from epileptic seizures, narcolepsy,/cataplexy, neuromuscular disorders, paroxysmal movement disorders, metabolic causes of central and/or peripheral nervous system dysfunction, vestibular attack and myokymia. A thorough description of the weakness or collapse, especially if supported by video footage, can provide important information about the speed of onset of neurological signs, potential loss of consciousness/awareness during the events and type of activity the patient was performing at the time of the ‘episode’. A complete physical anamnesis represents the first, and one of the most important steps in distinguishing if the weakness/collapse originates from a primary neurological condition (including neuromuscular or central nervous system diseases) or is caused by cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic or orthopaedic disorders. This course will give the practitioners the perspective and approach to common causes of intermittent collapse from the neurologist and from the cardiologist viewpoint.

Intended for: Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Nurses

BSAVA Members £150, BSAVA Nurse Member £72, Non Member £270, Non Member Nurse £120 all inc VAT.


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