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Supporting the Emergency Patient

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Current interest in small animal accident and emergency medicine and surgery is greater now than ever before. This exciting modular course is dedicated to providing high quality, relevant, clinically useful information for the small animal practitioner. Information that is practically relevant is presented using an approach based around the major organ systems.
Interactive discussions and clinical case material will be used to highlight important elements in successful patient management. This course will be of immense value to all veterinary surgeons and particularly those who see emergency cases as part of their regular workload.

Key learning objectives
At the end of this module delegates should be able to:
1. Assess, recognise and treat shock
2. Appreciate the indications for the different types of fluid therapy with their advantages and disadvantages and the need for electrolyte supplementation.
3. Review techniques for venous access : sites, catheter placement, preparations and complications including advanced techniques and intraosseous techniques
4. Have a general understanding of acid-base balance and its treatment
5. Explain the need to monitor for complications during treatment and to record central venous pressure
6. Appreciate the importance of acute malnutrition
7. Formulate a plan to provide enteral, total parenteral and partial parenteral nutrition

This module forms part of the Emergency Medicine and Surgery Postgraduate Certificate and General Practitioner Certificate programme.

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