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Professional Ethics

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This course is available online. Please see below for more details on how to attend this course via the Internet.

Professional Ethics
Want to know what you should do in difficult situations? Want to get it right when making tricky professional decisions in the middle of a busy working day?
We CAN’T give you absolute answers, but we CAN help you to kit out your own toolbox that will be close to hand when you are in a fix.

We’ll include a bit of ethical theory, just to give you the building blocks, some examples of difficult scenarios that we’ve all been involved in while working in practice, and share approaches and experiences in thinking about what you could, or in some cases, should do, when discussing your own examples of situations that keep you awake at night.

Above all, we’ll make ethics and professional thinking fun and interesting!

  • RCVS Code of Professional Conduct – what does it say? How does it guide our thinking as professionals? What happens when guidance conflicts with itself?
  • Ethical theories – are these a lot of hot air, or an essential basis for working out ethical problems?Moral dilemmas – we’ll share some of our scenarios but also draw on your own experiences.
  • Informed consent – what is it and how can we get it? Is it just getting the client to sign a form?
  • Reflective skills – the basis of professional thinking!

By the end of this module, successful candidates will be able to:

  • Appreciate the relevance and application of the RCVS Code of Professional Conduct to everyday practice
  • Demonstrate awareness of key ethical theories and viewpoints, and how these  may be practically applied in decision making
  • Understand the key principles of informed consent, and their application when gaining consent from clients


Course tutor | Co-founder of ONCORE


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