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Positive performance – how to create a motivated team

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Creating high performing and motivated teams relies on the leader’s ability to do two things – demonstrate a positive leadership style, and create a motivational environment for others to perform in.

This course will start by getting you to reflect on your own leadership approach and to consider how you lead by example and display positive behaviours.

Inevitably managing others is always easier when we are feeling in control and positive, so the course will also give you the opportunity to explore effective ways to manage your own motivation and stress.

The second part of the course will explore ways to ensure your own team are motivated and performing to the best of their ability and in line with your expectations.

The five key things you will learn from this course are:
How to demonstrate emotional intelligence and be a positive role model
How to create a motivational environment for others at work
Why stress matters and the link to performance
Techniques to manage your team
A framework to use to create high performing teams

BVA Members early bird rate* – £180
BVA Members standard rate – £210
Non BVA Member early bird rate*- £300
Non BVA Member standard rate- £360

*Early bird rate applies to bookings made more than six weeks in advance of the course date.

Book online or call Helen Dingle on 020 7908 6336

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