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Nursing Care of the Geriatric Patient

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150 Stamford Street



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Lecturer: Claire Roberts

This course is aimed at veterinary nurses who want to provide their senior patients with the best care possible. Old age is not a disease in itself, but it is a time when many disease processes occur.

We will be providing an interactive and informative day and aim to cover the following topics:

  • The implementation of geriatric screening in practice, what is involved and why is it so important
  • Anaesthetic considerations for the senior patient
  • How multi modal anaesthesia can help your senior patients, focusing on a dental protocol and introducing the concept of  local anaesthesia techniques
  • Treatment and management of the hyperthyroid patient
  • Treatment and management of polyuria and polydipsia
  • Blood pressure monitoring, how to do it correctly and why it is so important
  • Treatment and management of chronic pain


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