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Enhancing your skills in exotic animal practice

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Key Areas

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This is a two-day course. Both days can be booked separately or together.

Day 1 – Rabbits and rodents

Rabbit and rodent medicine can be challenging at times, not least because these small pets are adept at hiding signs of illness until problems are at an advanced stage. In addition, their anatomy, physiology, diseases and even the drugs that can be used can all vary considerably from more traditional companion animal pets. This course is aimed at the general practitioner who would like to gain more confidence in their approach to these cases. The day will focus on how to get the most out of an initial consult, common disorders, their diagnosis and treatment including anaesthesia.

Key areas

  • Husbandry fundamentals that impact on health and disease
  • First do no harm – handling tips and tricks (including blood sampling)
  • Common disorders and their management
  • First aid
  • Nursing care
  • Therapeutics – key issues
  • Approach to small mammal anaesthesia

Day 2 – Birds and reptiles

This course is aimed at the general practitioner, who would like to advance their knowledge of avian and reptile medicine. A large number of species may be seen with many different requirements but the day will focus on the general approach to a sick bird or reptile, first aid and stabilisation. We will discuss the diagnostic and therapeutic options available in general practice and look at how they can apply to some commonly seen cases.

Key areas

  • Husbandry and preventative healthcare
  • Getting the most out of a clinical examination
  • Stabilising the sick patient
  • Common problems affecting birds and reptiles and how we can deal with them
  • Approach to avian and reptile anaesthesia

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