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Emergency Surgery in the Dog

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This course is designed to teach participants the technical aspects of a variety of emergency surgery procedures. Some “theory” will be included in the lectures, but emphasis will be placed on “how” to perform each procedure. Topics have been chosen that represent emergency surgical conditions frequently seen in veterinary practice including gastropexy for treatment of GDV, rapid splenectomy, urethral retroplusion, urethrotomy, urethrostomy, perineal hernia repair, esophagostomy tube placement, emergency tracheostomy,, laryngeal tie-back, diaphragmatic hernia repair and chest drain placement.

Hands on practical labs will give participants the opportunity to practise techniques discussed in lecture and increase confidence levels in performing Emergency Surgery procedures.

By the end of this course delegates should have an understanding of:

• Common emergency surgical procedures
• Important anatomic structures associated with each procedure
• How to quickly and safely perform emergency surgical procedures in veterinary practice
• How to successfully treat a variety of surgical disorders associated with urgent care patients

And realise that many emergency surgery procedures can successfully be performed in veterinary practice.

If you would like to book this course or require further information please contact us on 01793 759159 or email enquiries@improveinternational.com

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