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Client Focussed Marketing


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The Green Business Park


West Midlands

B90 4GW

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About this course

Contributor: Nick Steele and team, Zoetis

 ‘Very informative, pitched just right…..lots of information to take away and easily put in place.’

 Marketing is not about the next flea or worm promotion. Successful marketing is a complete circle that starts with an audit of your client and potential client base, an understanding of your competition and an audit of what you are already doing. You then need to decide your key messages and the communication methods you are going to use to get your messages to your audience! Good marketing doesn’t stop there; it tracks the results of the marketing and uses communication with clients to inform changes in delivery before starting all over again to complete the circle.

This course will introduce marketing basics and help you create your own bespoke marketing plan. Theory from one of our most popular speakers, Nick Steele, will be interspersed with examples of how very different practices they have worked with do their marketing, including new start-ups and mature practices facing increased competition. The Zoetis team will also share their latest thinking on persona based marketing, understanding the different types of client and tailoring your marketing accordingly.

Who will benefit: Anyone with responsibility for marketing within their practice.


  • Date08/06/2016 - 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • LocationSolihull
  • Price£190 - 265

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