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Cat Nursing 101: Dealing with Difficult Cats

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Price: £185

Headland House, Chord Business Park, London Road



PE29 2BQ

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Struggling with cats? Join us on CAW’s new Cat Nursing course! Learn about best practice, top nursing tips, and client relations to help you get the best possible compliance from your owners!
* Introducing the concept of ‘cat friendly nursing’ and why it is so important to our feline patients
* The ‘naughty’ cat in consult: handling, stress reduction, escape-proofing the room
* The ‘difficult’ hospital cat – medicating, feeding, examining and keeping the IV drip in place!
* Handling and restraining those mean cats that are just out to maim you
* Case studies showing how these techniques can be put into place
* Interactive session and discussion – encouraging delegates to think about how they could implement these techniques in their practices

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