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Canine Cruciate Disease & Patellar Luxation

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This course will bring together the latest techniques enabling you to effectively treat cranial cruciate failures and patellar luxations.


The Modified Maquet Procedure (MMP) is an evolution of the TTA procedure for treatment of lameness due to cranial cruciate failure.

Course agenda:

  • Biomechanics and theoretical foundations of TTAs
  • An introduction to MMP and OrthoFoamTM
  • Advancement of the 90o patella tendon angle – the controversies
  • How to perform an MMP procedure with confidence
  • Clinical experience and publications
  • Dry and wet lab practical session


A novel surgical technique for treatment of patellar luxation. A simple, affordable alternative to sulcoplasty surgery that can be used alone, as the sole treatment for patellar luxation, or as an adjunct to re-alignment operations.

Course agenda:

  • Overview of patellar luxation pathophysiology
  • Diagnosis and current surgical treatments for patellar luxation
  • Classifying the degree of luxation and associated deformities
  • The development and rationale of RidgeStopTM
  • The RidgeStopTM procedure
  • Dry bone practical session

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