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Bovine Endoscopy Course


  • Subject
  • SpeakerSotirios Karrvountzis
  • Date31/08/2016 - 01/09/2016 - All Day
  • LocationAllyn Saxon Drive
  • Price££1200

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Shepton Vets

Allyn Saxon Drive



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About this course

Join Sotirios Karvountzis on his next Bovine Endoscopy course and learn the principles of endoscopic examination and treatment in cattle.

This course is suitable for veterinary surgeons who are interested in learning endoscopic fundamentals and practical techniques and for the advanced practitioner who is looking to keep up to date with new techniques.

The benefits of Endoscopic use for dairy cattle are:

  • Quicker clinical recovery and faster return to normal yields
  • Minimal intrusion & bacterial exposure
  • Target organs can be fully visualised, allowing us to confidently repair them
  • Cow Standing, one assistant required
  • Patient can join the herd at next milking
  • Produces more milk daily for 120 days post-op than GS
  • Comparable mortality at 2 weeks post-op to other techniques
  • Similar calving to conception interval to GS
  • Unique selling point for a progressive practice
  • We can also carry out RDA corrections, exploratory laparoscopies, and thoracoscopies

Learning Outcomes:

  • Principles of endoscopic examination and treatment in cattle
  • Practice the LDA corrective methods by Christiansen and Meyer and outline the 2-step technique
  • Experience exploratory laparoscopic and thorascopic approaches
  • Marketing endoscopic services to clients

Cost: £1200.00 (inc vat)

Date: 31st August & 1st September 2016 – Somerset
To book your place please email training@sheptonvets.com or contact Kate Hayes on 01749 341761.             


  • Date31/08/2016 - 01/09/2016 - All Day
  • LocationAllyn Saxon Drive
  • Price££1200

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