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Anaesthesia for Veterinary Nurses

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This course is suitable for qualified and trainee veterinary nurses who have an interest in small animal anaesthesia and wish to further their knowledge. The aim of the course is to encourage you to think about anaesthesia from a cellular level upwards and strengthen the theoretical and practical knowledge that you are already using on a daily basis whilst encouraging and stimulating you to look at new ways in which you can support your patients during the whole anaesthesia process. Anaesthesia can be improved on so many levels, you do not have to have all the fancy equipment, but a thorough knowledge of the application of the equipment you are using and the individual patient you are presented with, will result in an overall stronger anaesthesia protocol. Throughout the day we will use specific case studies involving cases you will see on a daily basis in practice to help strengthen your understanding. We will take a closer look at:
• Tissue Perfusion – it’s importance and how we can monitor and support it. dogwithblanket
• Depth of anaesthesia – how to use as little volatile agent as possible
• Achieving low flow anaesthesia and understanding the benefits
• Advanced anaesthetic monitoring – using the equipment you have to it’s full potential and being able to interpret the beeps and numbers
• What happens when it all goes wrong – an update on CPCR; are you doing it correctly?
• The post operative period – statistically the most common time for anaesthetic related deaths!

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