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Small trap and neuter charity GambiCats, which relies completely on donations, seeks piece of kit ahead of two-week vet clinic in November.

3 mins

Set to leave the RCVS for pastures new at the end of August, Nick Stace has discussed the peaks, troughs, successes and challenges of his tenure at the college.

7 mins

Over-excited Mindy the cockatiel ends up at County Durham practice after crashing into a mirror during an out-of-cage flight opportunity.

3 mins

Springer spaniel rejoins police force after receiving spinal surgery on a condition that could have crippled the four-legged crime fighter.

4 mins

Former RSPCA council trustee Chris Laurence brands BBC TV investigation – on which he appeared to discuss his concerns regarding how the charity was governed – as “excessively negative and biased”.

6 mins

Somerset-based Arturas Zukauskas blames poor English for failure to respond to RCVS communications, an action the disciplinary committee says shows a “disregard” for his obligations.

6 mins

Brand manager for Boehringer raises more than £300 for Send A Cow by completing an aquatic challenge that saw him swim 14km in the River Thames.

4 mins

In the Animal Health Trust's 75th anniversary year, representatives take part in the RideLondon-Surrey 100 cycle challenge to help raise £75,000 towards life-saving kit.

5 mins

With Government CVO Nigel Gibbens CBE planning to retire from his “circa £120,000” per annum role in February, the search is now on for his replacement.

4 mins



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Nexgard Spectra
  • Parasitologist Ian Wright discusses the evolving parasite risks facing dogs, including the growing threat of lungworm and ticks.Read more
    Nexgard Spectra
  • Recent research at the University of Salford shows that questing Ixodes ticks were found almost every month of the year.Read more


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    Vet Dan Makin reports from 2017’s Pride in London march and the wider activities of the British Veterinary Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender group.

    26 mins

    David Rendle and Harry Carslake discuss methods of diagnosing horses with this condition, assessing the positives and challenges of each one.

    69 mins

    Funding a veterinary degree can be a struggle for many students, so getting a little extra financial help can make a real difference. University of Bristol undergraduate Sophie Milligan stepped into the Examination Room to explain how an MSD bursary is helping her studies and enhancing her career prospects.

    21 mins

    Jenny Moffett discusses approaches on what to do when confronted with irate or disruptive clients in the practice.

    24 mins

    Ellen Lavender reflects on the case of an injured lurcher to discuss the challenge of treating stray or lost animals – and how financial considerations play a part in decision-making.

    18 mins

    “Dinosaurs like me should take comfort in the realisation today’s young are far less likely to be influenced by the egos of news presenters, because they seek information from a far wider range of digital sources.”

    18 mins

    Peter Edmondson looks at various factors to take into consideration when adopting this technology in the dairy environment.

    32 mins

    Hany Elsheikha considers the most economically important endoparasitic worm species in cattle and management options.

    47 mins

    nursing content

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    Vet Dan Makin reports from 2017’s Pride in London march and the wider activities of the British Veterinary Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender group.

    26 mins

    RVN Helen Tottey uses her experiences with a new pet to think about the owner view of practice, and why veterinary nurses should listen to what she has come to realise...

    33 mins

    An RVN now in the medical profession, Helen Ballantyne discusses a topic rarely spotlighted. But, thanks to VN Futures, this is likely to change...

    8 mins

    RVN Emma Gerrard looks at the latest research into this parasite and how vet nurses can help owners avoid their pets picking it up.

    30 mins

    With recumbent patients regularly appearing in practice, RVN Louise O'Dwyer discusses the best action for VNs tasked with managing such cases.

    9 mins

    RVN Alexandra Taylor reports from the nursing stream of 2017’s International Society of Feline Medicine World Feline Congress.

    19 mins

    In a new and exclusive International Cat Care column for VN Times, VNs with an interest in all things feline offer their views on cat topics. Kicking off is RVN Carly Rideout, on brachycephaly.

    6 mins

    VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard, in the latest of our “tricks of the trade” series, talks to an RVN passionate about all the things this technique can do...

    19 mins

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    Vicky Robinson discusses the corporate buying bubble, when it might burst and what the other options are for anyone planning their exit.

    27 mins

    Mark Stevens discusses a widely heralded scheme, including how it will operate and how it will affect businesses.

    20 mins

    Stephanie Vaughan-Jones explains why the old 'dog and bone' may be one of the most important pieces of kit you possess.

    23 mins

    Victor Chua and Nael Taher on how cost of childcare is contributing to growing problem of staff retention.

    10 mins

    VBJ's Big 6 project saw a carefully selected panel discuss and debate the six biggest issues most likely to shape the veterinary landscape. In its first report, panellists discuss work-life balance and how this is changing practice.

    50 mins

    Most practices have emerged from the dark ages, when postcards and the odd phone call were the only ways of communicating with clients. Dr Ernie Ward explains how modern methods are driving revenue growth, enhancing patient care and boosting client satisfaction.

    25 mins

    The difficulties faced by practices trying to recruit experienced vets has led an increasing number to turn to new graduates. Taking on inexperienced vets can be a challenge, but when it works, the rewards to both employer and employee are substantial, says Jenny Stuart.

    10 mins

    Mark Colton discusses how practice teams can work together to drive dental initiatives, the form they should take and the impact they can have on the bottom line.

    16 mins

    featured content

    In part three of his series on CPR, Gerardo Poli discusses the use of endotracheal intubation, and, when this cannot be immediately achieved, the other ventilation techniques required.

    Graduation has been and gone – Jordan Sinclair is now on the RCVS register, ready and raring to go. So why is she feeling on edge?

    Nick Marsh worries the development of a “bonus culture” within corporate practices could lead to fewer people taking their pets to vets as fees rise.

    In the second part of his series on CPR, Gerado Poli offers an overview of the procedure that must take precedence over everything else: chest compressions.

    Aware the proliferation of veterinary initialisms may be confusing for some, Jane Davidson has compiled a list of the main associations as a quick guide for those new to the profession.

    In his latest series of articles, Gerado Poli looks to explain the fundamentals of CPR to help ensure the whole veterinary team is familiar with the procedure. The most important aspect? Preparation.

    With news of universities Harper Adams and Keele discussing plans for a new vet school, Jordan Sinclair insists this is not the answer to increasing numbers of vets in the UK post-Brexit.

    Nick Marsh explains how his intense dislike of Mr Bell’s wondrous invention is fuelled by the cruel unpredictability of his arch nemesis – the practice telephone message book.

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