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0973 Everything You Need to Know about Cardiac Diseases in Dogs

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In a study of 3000 dogs, 22% had signs indicative or suggestive of heart disease. Clearly you need to know how to diagnose and manage this large population of potential patients! Find out how on this highly practical case-based course. We’ll focus on the cases that you’re likely to see in your practice, from grounding in essential anatomy and physiology to the pharmacology of common drugs and how to use them. You’ll develop a rational, problem orientated approach to dogs with cardiac disease and be able to make informed therapeutic decisions for your patients.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to investigate cardiovascular disease – the role of history, physical examination, clinical pathology, radiology and echocardiography
  • What you need to know about congenital heart disease
  • How to diagnose and manage arrhythmias
  • How to approach a dog with an asymptomatic murmur
  • How to manage heart failure
  • How to spot and manage dogs with pericardial disease
  • When interventional cardiology is appropriate
  • The top tips for anaesthetising dogs with heart disease
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