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0971 Neurological Emergencies

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As if neurology was not intimidating enough! Now you have an emergency neurological case to deal with and a good outcome for the patient depends entirely on you making the right decisions. Help is at hand; we’ll guide you step by step from the admission of an acute neurological patient, to coming up with a rational diagnostic plan and concluding with the most effective therapeutic options for each of your emergency cases. This course will provide you with the essential practical aspects of the neurological evaluation and how to use them in your emergency patients, all illustrated by videos.

What you’ll learn:

  • The acutely paralysed dog – where do you start?
  • Investigation of spinal cord disease – can you cope or should you consider referral?
  • Common acute spinal cord diseases – what are they?
  • What to do when dogs suddenly get weak
  • What to do when seizures are out of control
  • Video tour of acute encephalic syndrome
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