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0960 Everything You Need to Know about Surgical Management of Tumours

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Have you ever surgically removed a tumour from a patient in your practice? These cases form a large proportion of soft tissue surgery in most practices. Mistakes in your surgical technique can lead to tumour recurrence, complications and worse than optimal survival times. On this course we’ll give you a good understanding of the behaviour of common tumour types and show you how to plan your surgery. We’ll go through basic and more advanced surgical techniques for cancer management and highlight common mistakes in planning and technique; we’ll also show you how to avoid these mistakes and get the best possible outcomes for your patients.

What you’ll learn:

  • Mistakes to avoid when taking biopsies
  • Mistakes to avoid in surgical management of cutaneous and subcutaneous masses
  • Surgical management of mast cell tumours – what to do for the best results
  • Considerations for surgical management of soft tissue sarcomas
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