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0956 GI Case Challenges

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Gastroenterology patients probably form a large part of your caseload in small animal practice. They can present as acute life threatening cases demanding immediate and effective diagnosis and treatment, through to chronic cases where you can make a more leisurely diagnosis. During this course we will use clinical case studies to develop a logical approach to the diagnosis of your acute and chronic GI cases.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to interpret blood results for gut, liver and pancreatic assessment
  • How to interpret radiographs, contrast studies and ultrasound
  • Gross endoscopic findings and histopathology; what do they show?
  • Current treatment protocols; options and effectiveness
  • Treatment regimes for liver disease, pancreatitis, EPI, IBD, ARD

Take the stress out of working up your GI patients when you come on this highly popular course.

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