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0954 Cytology

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Do you use cytology to investigate skin masses and lymphadenopathy? How about masses within body cavities, joint disease, respiratory disease and body cavity effusions? This practical workshop will show you how to use  cytology in your practice. We’ll show you which diagnoses can be made in your practice lab and which samples are best sent off for an expert opinion.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to get good samples – good technique is vital for reliable interpretation
  • How to recognise cytology of inflammation and neoplasia
  • How to evaluate body cavity effusions, synovial fluid and CSF
  • Practical microscopy workshop sessions
  • Case-orientated seminars put it all together
  • A Strategy for using Cytology in your practice

Improve your patient diagnostics and make the most of your practice lab when you come on this course.

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