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0944 Making the Most of your Microscope

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Microscopic understanding and analysis is at the hub of your practice’s diagnostic capability. Vets with a good understanding of these areas are crucial to the smooth running of the practice. You play a vital role in the handling and analysing of diagnostic samples, both those done ‘in house’ and those referred to external or reference laboratories. This course will provide you with the principles and confidence to handle a multitude of diagnostic samples productively, optimising the information obtained from every sample.

There are a lot of hands on microscope practicals to help you get the most out of the day and take away skills you can put into practice immediately.

What you’ll learn:

  • Smearing and staining – can you see it?
  • Sample artefacts – can you interpret the result?
  • Urinalysis – sediment examination – Sedistain?
  • Haematology – introductory microscopy – red and white cells, platelets
  • Introduction to cytology – superficial skin and ear preps, inflammation
  • Practical case examples – what you might see in your practice
Book course