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0941 Oral Surgery – Difficult Tooth Extractions

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Green Lane



B80 7EY

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If you have ever been unsure how to tackle a difficult canine extraction, or been faced with complications after performing one, this course will provide you with very practical help. Suitable for you if you are a general practitioner and also if you are pursuing further surgical and dental qualifications, this session is your next step after attending a basic dentistry course. You will develop your confi dence and skills in approaching and dealing effectively with your dental and oral surgery patients, in interactive case-based sessions and extensive wet-lab practicals.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to extract canines and challenging teeth, how to deal with extraction complications
  • Oro-nasal fistula repair, gingivoplasty, dentigerous cysts
  • Feline gingivo-stomatitis; what are your options?
  • Resorptive lesions and how to deal with them
  • Nerve blocks
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