March 2008

EMMA MILNE reports on her visit to the Community Led Animal Welfare initiative in South … more

26 mins

GRAHAM DUNCANSON offers some views on The Embryo Veterinary School, which has helped to guide … more

19 mins

ROBIN FEARON talks to a British vet bringing hope to Zambia, a country where 80 … more

35 mins

ABBY CAINE provides a guide to getting the most out of cardiological scanning in first … more

34 mins

DEBRA ARCHER discusses findings from studies on how seasonal and climatic effects influence colic in … more

27 mins

NICK SHORT outlines the aims of the RVC’s Careers Fair and its potential benefits for … more

12 mins

GAYLE D HALOWELL and TIMOTHY J POTTER continue their discussions on anaesthesia in ruminants by … more

16 mins

OLI VINER finds himself dealing with owners more than pets WHEN you are involved with … more

18 mins

DAVID BARFOOT finds that professionals came from far afield to discover how scripture and science … more

7 mins

ANDREW SPARKES aims to make the subject of tracheal problems easier to swallow with a … more

22 mins

ROBIN FEARON finds that controversy over the benefits or harm of animal vaccination continues, and … more

32 mins

FROM time to time, I am compelled to take a sideswipe or two at some … more

21 mins

NICK JEFFERY believes that despite criticisms, the role of the small animal vet should not … more

14 mins

NIGEL DOUGHERTY uncovers the notoriously daring behaviour of some of New Zealand’s endemic bird population … more

13 mins

DEFRA has welcomed “strong support” for its plans to protect Britain from invasive non-native species. … more

4 mins

ROGER EVANS meets other TB-weary farmers and explains why his loyalty to a particular veterinary … more

14 mins

MARTIN ATKINSON discusses novel treatment methods, vaccine controversies and virulent systemic disease SO as to … more

26 mins

ALEX GOUGH unveils a diverse range of new research, including surprising ECG findings in hyperkalaemic … more

13 mins

HANY M ELSHEIKHA describes new research on genetic diversity in SAG5 genes in Toxoplasma gondii, … more

47 mins

LESA LONGLEY examines the exciting topics that were discussed during the BVZS autumn meeting in … more

20 mins