April 2008

Don’t you just hate those international call centres? The ones where you phone up because … more

12 mins

ANDREW SPARKES provides an overview of the changes at the Animal Health Trust and its … more

7 mins

LAURENT S GAROSI discusses how ear problems can translate to the rest of an animal’s … more

32 mins

AWAY from the football field, many of us viewed Paul Gascoigne as foolish and exploitable, … more

15 mins

FRANK BUSCH discusses, in the first of a two-part article, the various viewpoints regarding morality … more

35 mins

KARIN ALLENSPACH and DIRK WERLING discover there may be hope for the future of treatment … more

41 mins

MARTIN ATKINSON or how to stop worrying and learn to accept the inevitability of our … more

15 mins

PETRA AGTHE evaluates the pros and cons of the methods and results of digital radiography … more

31 mins

GRAHAM DUNCANSON tells of an incident with a white wine bottle and shows why there’s … more

18 mins

ADAM MARTIN discusses hypertonic fluid therapy methods for dehydrated and endotoxaemic ruminants RUMINANTS are quite … more

19 mins

JEREMY JOHNSON reports on a meeting of the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Food, Drink and … more

22 mins

MAGGIE SHILCOCK advises practices to find out what their clients think of the care and … more

15 mins

BRIGITTE REUSCH discusses the aetiology, features, treatment options and prevention of upper and lower respiratory … more

23 mins

ALISON LOGAN recounts a diary of her Labrador’s recovery from an accident involving a door … more

26 mins

COMMONWEALTH equals common health is the theme that the Commonwealth Veterinary Association (CVA) used for … more

14 mins

March 2008

EMMA MILNE reports on her visit to the Community Led Animal Welfare initiative in South … more

26 mins

GRAHAM DUNCANSON offers some views on The Embryo Veterinary School, which has helped to guide … more

19 mins

ROBIN FEARON talks to a British vet bringing hope to Zambia, a country where 80 … more

35 mins

ABBY CAINE provides a guide to getting the most out of cardiological scanning in first … more

34 mins

HANY M ELSHEIKHA identifies emerging concerns associated with CVBD in the UK and provides updates … more

27 mins