September 2017

Sue Dyson reviews literature related to aspects of this issue, in light of clinical experiences and limited evidence-based data.

29 mins

Sonya Miles reports the case and treatment method of a rabbit that presented with symptoms of this condition.

18 mins

Mahy Rodriguez Blanco discusses the consult of Enzo, a six-year-old male, neutered, cross-breed rescue dog, with a left forelimb lameness.

7 mins

Hannah Capon summarises the various topics covered during this Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists gathering in Manchester.

32 mins

Francesco Cian asks for your diagnosis when presented with two images from a bronchoalveolar lavage of an adult male dog with a history of chronic cough.

6 mins

Colin Mitchell explains an initiative adopted by the clinic he works in that promotes good mental health among veterinary staff.

12 mins

August 2017

Adam Martin looks at various strategies to deter calf respiratory disease, including housing assessments and ventilation needs.

28 mins

Liz Mitchell discusses setting up individual and yard health plans with equine owners to help prevent disease spread.

22 mins

In the first of a two-part article, Ian Wright looks at established and emerging tapeworms causing zoonotic and financial risk.

34 mins

Glen Cousquer and Kenneth Boyd continue their series on the ethics surrounding wildlife and exotic animal medicine and welfare.

43 mins

David Beeston muses about why this is considered a taboo subject and what veterinary students can do to overcome stress.

25 mins

Alex Gough presents a review of some of the latest research in veterinary medicine.

16 mins

Andy Durham describes the advantages of using this diagnostic imaging technique when undergoing eye examination in horses.

21 mins

Martha Cannon, in the first of a two-part article, discusses guidelines and possible negative effects to look for regarding feline vaccines.

32 mins

In his latest Cytology Corner, Francesco Cian discusses the images from an aspirate from a mass on a digit of a 12-year-old dog.

6 mins

Third-year veterinary student Rosana Caianiello looks at a study from The University of Edinburgh that revealed a link between a dog’s genes and the shape of its skull.

8 mins

In his latest Dairy Diary, Roger Evans discusses why farmers are not entirely to blame for antimicrobial resistance and reflects on the brilliant service he received when his dog fell ill.

21 mins

How can we manage our time to work more effectively? Here are 15 tips to help you stay sane.

14 mins

Vet Dan Makin reports from 2017’s Pride in London march and the wider activities of the British Veterinary Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender group.

26 mins

David Rendle and Harry Carslake discuss methods of diagnosing horses with this condition, assessing the positives and challenges of each one.

69 mins