November 2018

If you’re looking for a break from the norm for your next CPD course, you may want to consider the Western Veterinary Conference. Linda Simon describes her Sin City sojourn…

31 mins

Veterinary Christian Fellowship secretary Ali Budgell reports on the latest group’s northern gathering, which saw its largest turnout yet.

13 mins

Saying no often feels like a hard thing to do; however, Ami Sawran suggests it shouldn't be about letting people down, but protecting your well-being, both physically and mentally.

12 mins

Diana Ferreira discusses available treatment options and management strategies for both outer and middle ear inflammation.

46 mins

Mark Lowrie discusses advances of indentifying and managing the various types of this condition.

45 mins

Paul Burr breaks down ways to counter these infections via various control and prevention methods.

19 mins

Myra Forster-van Hijfte offers her thoughts on a new possibility in canine veterinary care, and suggests ways vets could embrace this emerging trend for the benefit of dogs and their owners.

30 mins

Kate Forshaw and Livia Benato outline the perioperative and nutritional management required by these animals, with a focus on ferrets and skunks.

28 mins

We’re used to technology in our everyday lives, but Stuart Carmichael explains why practices need to ensure staff are trained, willing and able to accept it at work, too.

25 mins

Safia Barakzai looks at which cases can benefit from the use of this airway assessment technique in equine patients.

22 mins

David Harwood recounts a full programme at the Goat Veterinary Society spring meeting from various specialists in animal health.

28 mins

Henry Tremaine – UK representative on the World Equine Veterinary Association board – writes about the latest congress, which wowed locals and international delegates alike.

20 mins

Chanticleer discusses manager training and the importance of front-of-house staff in his latest column.

18 mins

Pauline Jamieson discusses signs to look out for and approaches to short and long-term management of this condition in dogs.

59 mins

Jacqueline Matthews discusses the spread of this parasitic disease and methods of managing the spread of Fasciola hepatica on farms.

31 mins

Rachel Garty, Rosalind Brown, Tia Barlow, Alison Langridge, Rachel Lumbis, Ruth Serlin and Tierney Kinnison discuss expansions in interprofessional education at the RVC, including how it helps vets and VNs in their future careers.

19 mins

Ana Nemec considers what advice vets should offer owners on oral care at home to maximise their pets' dental health.

43 mins

Ellen Lavender describes making the change from permanent job in practice to locum veterinary surgeon.

14 mins

Amanda Nicholls extols the importance of monitoring and treating cat obesity, and offers a case study of what her practice and its team does.

12 mins

Roger Evans looks on how the countryside – specifically the demographics of people living there – have changed in his 50 years in farming.

18 mins