November 2019

Evidence-based veterinary medicine is a term ubiquitous in publication headlines and congress titles, but do clients want it, and how can a local independent practice contribute to the knowledge the veterinary profession has now and in the future? Ross Allan drawing on his own experiences, elaborates…

25 mins

Karin Kruger discusses the pathophysiology of a variety of upper and lower tract conditions that can cause distress in horses, and the need for calm assessment to ensure favourable outcomes.

25 mins

Simon Tappin reviews the treatment options for this issue in dogs and cats, as well as the challenges they present.

26 mins

Karen Perry and Emily Hartman use an unusual case example to demonstrate their approach to management of this joint disease in cats.

114 mins

David Rendle, Pat Harris and Nicola Menzies-Gow discuss the welfare threat posed by this issue, and the need for education to alter perceptions of healthy body condition.

51 mins

Dominic Harrison, a final-year student, and vets Mick Millar and Oliver Tilling discuss the clinical signs of this issue and five underlying risk factors that appear to enable its establishment.

31 mins

Radu Scortea and Toby Gemmill detail how to approach these types of injuries in small animal patients.

35 mins

Having settled into his RVC Queen Mother Hospital for Animals internship, in this, the final of a two-part article, Dave Beeston recalls his first month as an intern.

27 mins

Valentina Busin discusses how both vets and sheep farmers can prioritise to help ensure a well-planned lambing experience.

38 mins

Kate Parkinson discusses common parasitic worms, and why anthelmintic use and client education are vital in lowering the risk of infection.

35 mins

Sue Dyson describes work to assess if facial expression or behaviour can help determine presence of this pain.

41 mins

Stephanie Phillips explains, with the help of TVM UK, how activated charcoal can be used to treat and range of poison cases.

11 mins

Ffion Lloyd delves into the archives to explain the inception of this area of medicine.

39 mins

RCVS Knowledge is back with another significant event audit in practice. QI Vets is a fictional team, but based on true stories from UK practices, created by RCVS Knowledge’s Case Example Working Party to help veterinary teams apply quality improvement to real situations.

22 mins

October 2019

Axiom Veterinary Laboratories’ latest update looks at gastrointestinal and nutritional diseases during late summer 2019 – including cases of parasitic gastroenteritis and mineral deficiency.

39 mins

Karen Perry, in the final of a three-part article, discusses promising prospective treatments for this disorder in dogs.

24 mins

Albane Fauron, in the first of a three-part series, discusses the background to this technology and the types available.

46 mins

Alberto Palella Gómez discusses appropriate actions regarding the instance of a dog with a history of moderate eye discomfort.

14 mins

Abigail Edis discusses end-of-life care in these animals, focusing on accepted euthanasia techniques and ensuring welfare.

38 mins

Chanticleer discusses the decline in vaccination rates – both in veterinary and human medicine – and why action is needed to reverse the trend.

17 mins