September 2018

Glen Cousquer discusses advances in national and international guidelines in treatment of working equines and muleteers.

34 mins

Jenny Walton details the benefits and prevalence of a blood bank service in veterinary medicine, plus conditions it can help.

39 mins

Alison Young, RVN, explains how planning, communication, coordination, training and knowledge, teamwork and evaluation can be used by everyone to improve the flow of surgical patients.

28 mins

August 2018

Kathryn Cowley's series about this condition continues with a focus on conveying the seriousness of OA to the client and ways to provide helpful information.

11 mins

Andy Fiske-Jackson discusses whether equine practitioners are able to subjectively assess horses that present with "sore backs" by looking into various assessments of pain.

39 mins

Emi Barker looks at how symptoms arise, investigation methods and approaches to treatment.

54 mins

Jacqueline Matthews suggests diagnostic techniques for the improved treatment and management of helminths affecting on-farm cattle.

68 mins

David Rendle, in the second of a two-part article, highlights a one health approach to tackling this condition in horses.

55 mins

Francesco Cian starts with an image from a urine sediment from an adult male cat with acute history of vomiting and oliguria as the jumping off point for another Cytology Corner.

6 mins

After an 11-year break from practice life with an animal health company, Gudi Stuttard felt she needed a fresh challenge. After some soul-searching, she opted to return to the veterinary coalface…

18 mins

Diana Ferreira describes approaches to the control of flare factors and chronic management of this lifelong skin disease in dogs.

36 mins

Roseanne Jepson discusses the link between these conditions and suggests various treatment options.

38 mins

David Beeston explains how some of his most rewarding veterinary experiences have happened during out-of-hours shifts. Includes video content.

Robyn Thomson and Derek Flaherty guide readers through the stages and considerations for anaesthetising cats diagnosed with asthma.

54 mins

Sam Offord discusses the routine vaccination of an 11-year-old Thoroughbred cross novice event horse, in which an arrhythmia is detected on heart auscultation.

10 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses the important topic of effective use of analgesics in small mammals.

55 mins

CPD is a requirement, so why not combine it with something fun? That is what participants at SPVS Snowscene do. Martin Atkinson reviews this year’s event, in Salzburg, Austria.

31 mins

Kathryn Cowley kicks off a series on canine osteoarthritis that aims to promote a greater understanding of complementary treatments and management techniques among veterinary professionals.

11 mins

Peter Edmondson offers advice on how to ask the right questions to evaluate treatment success, saying it is wrong to make assumptions.

25 mins

In his article, James Dixon provides a precis of some of the more common causes of lameness in livestock, summarising best advice for treating and preventing them.

33 mins