September 2019

Jamie Prutton and Fleur Whitlock discuss recent confirmed outbreaks of this respiratory virus in horses, along with surveillance, classification, vaccination protocols and biosecurity.

39 mins

Gian Marco Arcabasso and Francesc Xavier Salord Torres look at diagnostics and resolution methods regarding these types of jaw injuries in canine and feline patients.

33 mins

In a break from the traditional CPD event report, vet Charlotte Frost presents her experiences in Austria in a format familiar to equine veterinarians.

19 mins

Jeanette Bannoehr discusses aural and dermal conditions that often present in cats and dogs, including management and diagnosis.

37 mins

Catherine Bell discusses how increased collaboration between vets and paraprofessionals can lower stress in equine patients.

30 mins

Francesco Cian discusses the case of an adult, male dog referred for lethargy, anorexia and abdominal discomfort.

5 mins

Roger Evans discusses sales reps and activities particular to certain types of year in his latest Dairy Diary.

19 mins

Neil Sargison discusses principles of control, as well as challenges in the face of gastrointestinal roundworm and lungworm adaptation.

38 mins

Mike Davies, referencing research, old and new, looks at the latest findings on this common complaint in companion animals.

22 mins

Rosemary Waring and John Hunter discuss studies into the use of malt-based dietary supplements in racehorses and non-Thoroughbreds and the potential health benefits they provide.

38 mins

As regular Veterinary Times contributor Dave Beeston takes the next step on his career path as an intern at the RVC, he reflects on what he learned during his time as a locum and hopes he can carry those lessons forward into his new role.

31 mins

Hany Elsheikha highlights the major groups of such parasites affecting dogs and cats, and explores the idea of an individualised approach to treating patients.

43 mins

Jamie Prutton reviews recent research carried out into this issue and provides a summary of available treatment protocols.

47 mins

Tereza Bodnárová presents the case of Tessa, a 13-year-old female entire border collie with a history of urinary incontinence.

10 mins

Chanticleer delves into the world of tech, and its usage in – and potential implications for – the veterinary profession in the latest column for Veterinary Times.

19 mins

August 2019

Sarah Caney details how to diagnose this common disorder, which predominantly affects older felines.

34 mins

Owen Atkinson takes a look at research into advancements in understanding this condition to help vets support clients.

33 mins

In his latest Research Review column for Veterinary Times, Alex Gough presents more research from the veterinary field.

21 mins

Alastair Mather and Jon Hall discuss the initial presentation of this issue in canine and feline patients, as well as decision-making for surgery.

40 mins

Amelia Lawrence and Emily Haggett emphasise the critical importance of horse owner education for maintaining adequate “herd immunity”.

24 mins