July 2017

Sarah Caney looks at causes, management and treatment of urinary tract disease in cats, including diet and nutraceuticals.

30 mins

Lucy Irvine, co-president of the University of Glasgow Veterinary Medical Association, takes a student perspective on mental health and well-being in in the veterinary profession, and coping with pressure.

17 mins

Andrew Kent reports on the small animal internal medicine CPD, which took place on 5 April at the ICC in Birmingham.

18 mins

Floor Driessen discusses the case of a seven-year-old male, neutered greyhound in the latest in the Case Notes series.

7 mins

Celia Marr discusses novel ECG techniques, such as using smartphone technology, and best advice when examining horses.

16 mins

Earlier this year, SPVS appointed Nichola Watson as its first executive director. It is an exciting new development for both herself and SPVS, as Veterinary Times discovered when we asked her to step into the Examination Room.

12 mins

Chanticleer runs the rule over more current topics, and relates them to the veterinary profession.

15 mins

HoofSearch is a streamlined updating service that collects metadata on new peer-reviewed research, academic papers and conference proceedings covering foot research, lameness, anatomy, imaging and related topics.

4 mins

Gayle Hallowell looks at developments in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

28 mins

Becky Robinson looks at safe and effective techniques for applying regional anaesthesia to head, eye, thoracic and pelvic limbs.

7 mins

Sonya Miles describes the case of an adult Syrian hamster that presented with anorexia, alopecia and extreme skin scaling.

12 mins

David Harwood reports on the topics covered during the Goat Veterinary Society’s spring meeting, which took place in Carlisle.

23 mins

Dog behaviourist and registered dog trainer, Karen Wild, discusses the possible psychological implications of parasite bites in pets.

9 mins

June 2017

VBJ's Big 6 project saw a carefully selected panel discuss and debate the six biggest issues most likely to shape the veterinary landscape. In its first report, panellists discuss work-life balance and how this is changing practice.

50 mins

The Bull Breeding Soundness Examination course from the BCVA includes demonstrations of examination and semen collection techniques using electro-ejaculation on bulls in farm settings.

3 mins

Fiona Adam and James Histed describe methods of assessing high blood pressure in felines, causes of the condition and various organ damage.

44 mins

Victoria Brown explains steps taken in the case of a canine patient that presented with nocturia and urinary incontinence.

17 mins

Safia Barakzai looks at latest advances in treatment of this equine neurological condition.

15 mins

Lee-Anne Oliver discusses methods of controlling various forms of this condition and how to prevent it spreading among flocks.

25 mins

Alex Gough runs his eye over more innovations in the veterinary world, in his latest Research Review.

12 mins