May 2018

Danny Chambers and Susan Salter, looking at various data, discuss this emotive topic and consider steps that could be taken to tackle the issue.

37 mins

Laura Holm and David Walker investigate how cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy can lead to the development of acute kidney injury.

49 mins

The latest Case Notes from Sonya Miles takes the less-usual case of a three-year-old male, captive bred Brazilian rainbow boa.

8 mins

Roger Evans provides more on the farmer's perspective in his latest Dairy Diary, this time discussing economics in the shrinking herd.

16 mins

Input needed for biggest questionnaire of its kind into general state of UK equid health, which closes at 9am on Monday 28 May.

5 mins

Liz Mitchell looks at how common conditions in the horse should be diagnosed and treated in first opinion practice.

34 mins

Francesco Cian takes the ultrasonographic image of an 11-year-old domestic short-haired cat as inspiration for his latest Cytology Corner.

6 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli looks at a microsporidian parasite that affects many mammalian species, including rabbits.

45 mins

Ashley Marshall explains the symptoms of this condition, and discusses some of the various treatments and prevention methods.

29 mins

Ellie Mardell explores this respiratory disease in cats, and its management and treatment, focusing on immunotherapy (video content at the foot of the article).

60 mins

Sophie Mahendran looks at how cow udders become infected, and approaches to treatment and prevention.

31 mins

Six months in to his full-time veterinary career, David Beeston takes a step back and thinks about how far he has come.

28 mins

Alex Gough returns with Research Review, where he runs the rule over the latest studies in companion animal science.

17 mins

The Australian vet best known as the star of More4 documentary series Vet on the Hill steps into the Examination Room…

16 mins

Scarsdale Vets' digital marketing manager Rainu Bhele recounts a challenge when humans and four-legged friends got together to raise charity cash.

17 mins

Andy Durham discusses surveillance schemes and clinical choices for this condition, and lists some of the more recent outbreaks.

20 mins

Sotirios Karvountzis examines up-to-date applications of bovine endoscopy, its advantages, concerns and available training options.

36 mins

While she often finds out-of-hours work the least fun part of the job, it can throw up some interesting and humorous cases.

16 mins

Ali Budgell reports on proceedings from a Veterinary Christian Fellowship CPD day on feline dentistry.

12 mins

April 2018

Victoria Robinson and Hilary Jackson discuss various ways of preventing and managing this condition, plus systemic and topical treatments available.

56 mins