May 2015

Pain is a ubiquitous phenomenon and the international and multidisciplinary range of clinicians’ professions studying … more

21 mins

Katie Waine, Laura Polledo and Kirstin Baiker provide a guide to submitting whole animals for postmortem and biopsies for histopathology, offering principles that can be applied to any species.

30 mins

February 2015

Indianapolis is the heartland of the United States and, with compassion at the forefront of … more

23 mins

I write the day after the Charlie Hebdo atrocity in Paris: not surprisingly, it fills the … more

17 mins

Medical staff have no intention of causing harm or failing to do the right thing; … more

31 mins

Dick White and his wife Christine visited Cuba in 2014 for the fourth time, where … more

15 mins

In today’s rather constrained society, it’s probably a bit unseemly to get too carried away … more

13 mins

December 2014

This year we have launched our new advanced practitioner status, with the aim of signposting … more

21 mins

August 2010

Letters in the veterinary press have emphasised the harmful effect that the process of tendering … more

14 mins

February 2010

Like it or not, television has a marked influence on our society in terms of … more

13 mins

December 2009

Christmas has no religious significance to me, but every year around mid-December I decide I … more

12 mins

March 2009

You can be my “friend”, if you like. My children decided that if I wanted … more

13 mins

 For one week only, Bradley takes a rest and hands the writing reins to a … more

12 mins

February 2009

Our veterinary education trains us to deal with populations: when designing an experiment, we will … more

13 mins

January 2009

The year is young, and we don’t yet know what it will bring. Although, judging … more

14 mins

December 2008

The US presidential elections are over, and the next big event in world democracy has … more

12 mins

November 2008

You don’t have to manage a football club to be goal orientated. We are constantly … more

12 mins

There has been considerable talk of doom and gloom within the profession, started off by … more

13 mins

October 2008

A couple of months ago, I went along to an induction meeting of the latest cohort … more

12 mins

September 2008

I reluctantly have to admit that I promised to update you about my exploits in the … more

14 mins