May 2015

Milk is comprised of 87% water and a cow’s yield is directly related to the … more

18 mins

February 2015

A dual active anthelmintic contains two different classes of anthelmintic with similar spectrums of activity. An … more

22 mins

The recent drop in temperatures and snow that came with it may make many of us … more

22 mins

I’ve never kept a diary – I’ve rarely led that sort of orderly life. The only time … more

13 mins

Liver fluke disease is caused by internal trematode parasite Fasciola hepatica. In dairy cattle it causes … more

12 mins

December 2014

A number of challenges arise from endoparasites in the sheep industry – their effect on production, anthelmintic … more

17 mins

November 2014

Many types of antibiotics are licensed for calf respiratory disease treatment. This shows the importance … more

27 mins

March 2012

Paul Roger discusses the life cycle of coccidia, the risk situations for infection in sheep and goats, and its diagnosis, treatment and prevention

24 mins

Graham Duncanson reveals the signs that could mean orf is present in a flock and warns of its zoonotic potential.

20 mins