September 2015

ABSTRACT When it comes to tackling mastitis, the ideal is a convenient treatment requiring little … more

23 mins

The past few decades have seen a shift from the focus being treatment of clinical … more

31 mins

A survey of 220 sheep farmers from across the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI) … more

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August 2015

The term anthelmintic resistance is not new to vets or most farmers and it poses … more

16 mins

Reproductive efficiency is a key driver for profitability on dairy farms. Many postpartum conditions can … more

18 mins

This article looks at what tests we can undertake to support our review of an … more

21 mins

I deliberately left writing this article until after the general election – the repercussions of … more

13 mins

ABSTRACT Oral fluid therapy in cattle has been a vital tool in the management of … more

26 mins

As a strong believer in the benefits of pain relief in cattle, I have spent … more

19 mins

ABSTRACT This article provides an initial introduction to coccidiosis in cattle and sheep with a … more

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July 2015

ABSTRACT Gastric mucosal disease is frequently recognised in equine practice, especially, but not exclusively, in … more

22 mins

Tackling any disease on farm can be difficult, although infectious diseases remain among the most … more

31 mins

May 2015

In the past few years there has been a considerable shift in the way farm … more

39 mins

Milk is comprised of 87% water and a cow’s yield is directly related to the … more

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February 2015

A dual active anthelmintic contains two different classes of anthelmintic with similar spectrums of activity. An … more

22 mins

The recent drop in temperatures and snow that came with it may make many of us … more

22 mins

I’ve never kept a diary – I’ve rarely led that sort of orderly life. The only time … more

13 mins

Liver fluke disease is caused by internal trematode parasite Fasciola hepatica. In dairy cattle it causes … more

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December 2014

A number of challenges arise from endoparasites in the sheep industry – their effect on production, anthelmintic … more

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November 2014

Many types of antibiotics are licensed for calf respiratory disease treatment. This shows the importance … more

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