June 2018

Jamie Prutton discusses methods of controlling this condition, including when to stable, the use of rugs and advice to give owners.

34 mins

May 2018

Liz Mitchell looks at how common conditions in the horse should be diagnosed and treated in first opinion practice.

34 mins

Andy Durham discusses surveillance schemes and clinical choices for this condition, and lists some of the more recent outbreaks.

20 mins

April 2018

Alison Bennell discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this method in regards to safety and cost.

27 mins

Samantha Castle discusses how new rules from The Pony Club on EI booster vaccinations could save vets from some difficult encounters with owners.

20 mins

Safia Barakzai reports on the highlights at the most recent American Association of Equine Practitioners Annual Convention.

24 mins

March 2018

The authors review some of the recent literature that has advanced our knowledge of the diagnosis of lameness.

23 mins

Andy Durham outlines the two-step process for investigating causes of pruritus in horses – including how decide there is an allergy at all.

32 mins

Emily Haggett attempts to offer assistance to fellow clinicians on a number of aspects, including signalment, history taking, clinical examination and treatment.

40 mins

Nicola Menzies-Gow discusses a slowly progressive neurodegenerative disease with loss of dopaminergic (inhibitory) input to the melanotropes of the pituitary pars intermedia.

57 mins

The author updates readers on currently circulating viruses, clinical signs to look for, diagnosis, treatment, surveillance and vaccination.

43 mins

Malcolm Weetman, Tony Davies, Rosemary Brown, Max Murray, Patrick Pollock and David Sutton on the findings of a six-year study.

58 mins

February 2018

Andy Durham takes a look at this equine disease, and management and preventive strategies.

32 mins

Jacqueline Matthews discusses identification, monitoring and treatment of significant gastrointestinal parasitic helminth burdens.

26 mins

January 2018

Philip Ivens discusses this common eye disease in horses, highlighting its subclinical insidious form and how to identify it.

30 mins

December 2017

Russell Parker describes non-septic and septic osteitis in horses, considering the signs, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

29 mins

Rachel Agass and Barny Fraser describe conditions affecting joints in horses, while also considering various diagnostic and treatment methods.

45 mins

November 2017

Elizabeth Jackson discusses a study into professionals’ perceptions of how this method helps organisational aspects of practice.

29 mins

David Rendle outlines the causes, development, symptoms and treatment options for this neurological condition in horses (includes video content).

Belinda Rose discusses the use of ovulatory induction agents and post-covering treatments in reducing early pregnancy loss in horses.

29 mins