February 2019

Jonathon Dixon offers diagnostic advice to first opinion practitioners, including when to refer, imaging and MRI benefits.

46 mins

January 2019

Tim Mair discusses the evaluation of horses showing clinical signs, challenges that can arise when choosing the appropriate treatment, and the need to promptly refer surgical cases.

48 mins

Andy Durham takes a look at equine skin diseases, focusing on how to differentiate and treat them effectively.

32 mins

December 2018

Eleanor Kelly, a freelance journalist, details the topics discussed by expert speakers at a one-day CPD course attended by equine veterinarians.

24 mins

A well-documented condition affecting young and adult horses, less is known about equine gastric ulceration syndrome and its pathogenesis in the foal. Lars Lerche Mortensen offers advice on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of this condition.

15 mins

Christian Byrne and Safia Barakzai present a case of a cob mare diagnosed with this uncommon finding, then discuss general diagnosis and treatment.

28 mins

November 2018

Danielle Marturello and Karen Perry investigate the problems of treating and managing this condition, using examples of available products. Includes video content.

11 mins

Victoria Colgate and Richard Payne discuss the use of platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy in the management of this issue, as well as the need for research into more effective treatments.

35 mins

Safia Barakzai looks at which cases can benefit from the use of this airway assessment technique in equine patients.

22 mins

October 2018

Patrick Pollock discusses how advances in imaging and overground endoscopy have improved the understanding of this issue, and how more efficacious therapies have enhanced horse welfare.

28 mins

Samantha Castle describes the impact of a scorching summer and a beast of a winter on UK equines.

17 mins

Nicola Menzies-Gow looks into drug therapy and managing clinical signs of this disease in horses to provide years of good quality life.

51 mins

Jamie Prutton provides some pointers on how to guide owners about nutritional advice for horses deemed overweight or obese.

42 mins

Emily Haggett examines the clinical signs in presenting foals with this disease and its diagnosis treatment and prognosis.

74 mins

September 2018

Robert Cook discusses whether the use of this tack by riders causes behavioural issues and how to resolve any problems that arise.

34 mins

Hattie Sparks reports on a case involving a six-month-old recently weaned Thoroughbred colt in the latest Case Notes.

9 mins

Georgina Crossman considers findings from a survey of owners' and carers' feelings towards end of life and euthanasia in equines.

34 mins

James Crabtree discusses that “oh my God” moment when a confirmed case of equine viral arteritis lands in your inbox – what it means, its consequences and what has to be done.

24 mins

Nicola Menzies-Gow discusses the two common disorders of this condition. focusing on diagnosis, clinical signs and management options.

50 mins

April Lawson and Stefania Scarabelli look at dealing with types of discomfort in horses, possible problems, latest ideas and numerous treatment options.

48 mins