September 2013

Luca Motta looks at the acute and chronic forms of this condition in dogs, discussing diagnosis, current and future therapy, as well as prognosis.

21 mins

August 2012

Alberta De Stefani-Llabrés and Anita Theobald discuss approaches to diagnosing senile dementia, and consider the various treatment protocols that can be applied to different cases.

48 mins

June 2012

Catherine Bovens reviews issues around diagnosing and treating the three classifications of pneumothorax in cats and dogs and looks at likely outcomes.

33 mins

May 2012

James Harris takes a look at this condition, and outlines methods to get the most out of the treatment process for everyone involved in such cases.

26 mins

April 2012

Darren Barnes provides advice on the principles of placement and management of drains within a small animal practice environment.

23 mins

October 2011

Anna Zlot and Natalie Webster discuss methods of contrast studies used in radiography – a useful tool in the diagnosis of urinary tract disease in companion animals.

25 mins

April 2011

James Grierson discusses approaches to such cases, taking into account any neurological considerations.

26 mins

December 2010

Simon Tappin discusses the diagnostic value of bronchoscopy in dogs and cats, and examines techniques.

21 mins

April 2010

Jane Coatsworth examines commonly presented skin conditions, highlighting the hot spots where infection can multiply, and an approach to effective treatment.

25 mins

March 2010

Lisa Gardbaum discusses the merits and application methods of different immunosuppressants, and outlines some of the side effects that can be experienced.

24 mins

January 2009

The year is young, and we don’t yet know what it will bring. Although, judging … more

14 mins

February 2008

 Cleopatra, my Bernese mountain dog, is growing up to be a bit of a wimp. … more

12 mins

January 2008

As veterinarians, there is no excuse for us underestimating the importance of the sense of … more

12 mins