July 2015

ABSTRACT Entropion is an eversion of an eyelid margin, resulting in trichiasis (hair rubbing against … more

28 mins

May 2015

ABSTRACT Canine T cell epitheliotropic lymphoma is a rare disease with a variable clinical presentation. … more

21 mins

Many dogs affected with atopic dermatitis suffer from clinical disease at particular times of the … more

15 mins

February 2015

Clinical signs associated with ureteral obstruction in the cat are unfortunately non-specific (Kyles et al, … more

28 mins

The major underpinning principles of effective postoperative pain management are attention to pre and intraoperative … more

55 mins

Indianapolis is the heartland of the United States and, with compassion at the forefront of … more

23 mins

The group of diseases known as ceroid lipofuscinosis are hereditary neurodegenerative conditions seen in several dog … more

15 mins

Your first case of the afternoon is Poppy – a nine-year-old female, neutered, miniature poodle presented to … more

5 mins

Ophthalmic problems increase in frequency with age and common, age-related, systemic diseases, including renal failure, … more

38 mins

Jaw fractures are a common traumatic pathology seen in our patients, as a result of road … more

28 mins

Both tobacco and nicotine replacement therapies are a source of acute poisoning in humans and … more

22 mins

January 2015

Mike Davies reviews the tools available for practitioners to use, in conjunction with a dog's owner, to ensure the patient with osteoarthritis achieves optimum quality of life.

43 mins

Otitis externa is inflammation of the external ear canal and is very common in dogs … more

37 mins

December 2014

Part one of this article will cover pathogenesis and clinical signs of otitis externa and … more

15 mins

Part one of this article (VT44.48) discussed the pathophysiological process of acute kidney injury (AKI) … more

23 mins

Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) is also known as boxer cardiomyopathy. ARVC has been documented in … more

31 mins

November 2014

Cat scratch injuries leading to corneal lacerations are common in dogs and cats. These injuries … more

27 mins

One of the fastest growing areas in research is into the microbiome. With the development … more

17 mins

Improved preventive and interventional health care is leading to an increasing number of older dogs. … more

24 mins

August 2014

Edward Ives considers presenting signs, as well as the care and management required for a good prognosis in this uncommon, but potentially life-threatening, disease.

35 mins