July 2017

Alex Gough looks at a study into the most common acquired cardiac disorders of cats, plus others, in his latest Research Review.

17 mins

Clare Wilson discusses the importance of puppy socialisation in fostering desired behaviour to take through to adult life.

39 mins

Yordan Fernandez and James Warland look at multiple endocrinopathies in dogs, diagnosing the various disorders and the management options.

47 mins

Kate Parkinson details the case of a feline patient that presented with a hard testicular swelling during routine castration, before discussing airgun injuries.

36 mins

Mike Davies summarises evidence found on the use of these supplements in cats and dogs with this joint disease.

35 mins

Karen Perry looks at detecting and testing for joint pain in small animals using an organised and systematic approach.

45 mins

The two images are from an aspirate from a large shoulder mass in an adult dog. The author asks: "What is your diagnosis?"

5 mins

Anna Jackson BVetMed CertVD MRCVS, veterinary technical team manager at Elanco Animal Health, explores how to treat a common problem that can be difficult to manage.

15 mins

Advice comes after TV presenter and model Jodie Marsh posted a video to Facebook of her giving CPR to her bulldog Louie, who collapses "every couple of months".

4 mins

Sarah Caney looks at causes, management and treatment of urinary tract disease in cats, including diet and nutraceuticals.

30 mins

Andrew Kent reports on the small animal internal medicine CPD, which took place on 5 April at the ICC in Birmingham.

18 mins

Floor Driessen discusses the case of a seven-year-old male, neutered greyhound in the latest in the Case Notes series.

7 mins

Becky Robinson looks at safe and effective techniques for applying regional anaesthesia to head, eye, thoracic and pelvic limbs.

7 mins

Dog behaviourist and registered dog trainer, Karen Wild, discusses the possible psychological implications of parasite bites in pets.

9 mins

June 2017

Fiona Adam and James Histed describe methods of assessing high blood pressure in felines, causes of the condition and various organ damage.

44 mins

Victoria Brown explains steps taken in the case of a canine patient that presented with nocturia and urinary incontinence.

17 mins

Alex Gough runs his eye over more innovations in the veterinary world, in his latest Research Review.

12 mins

Hany Elsheikha discusses helminth and protozoa infections, their clinical impact, detection methods and control strategies .

36 mins

Vanessa Biggle begins the first in a series on how the profession can help reduce rehoming numbers by looking at neutering.

24 mins

Albane Fauron and Karen Perry look at the physiology of disordered function associated with this condition, in the first of a three-part article.

38 mins