August 2015

In part one of this feature (VT45.34), the author considered dietary therapy for chronic kidney … more

18 mins

We stood in front of the staff toilets. Shadows lay heavy in the tiny space. … more

30 mins

Of all the treatments for chronic kidney disease (CKD), dietary modification has the most positive … more

24 mins

Opioid analgesics are often the mainstay of perioperative pain management, but have become increasingly popular … more

31 mins

After a long day at the clinic, Ralph is your last appointment. He is an … more

5 mins

ABSTRACT Sleep disorders are infrequently encountered in small animal practice, but can mimic common conditions, … more

23 mins

Urinalysis is an essential component of patient assessment. In general, especially for sick cats, cystocentesis … more

17 mins

Osteoarthritis (OA) is being increasingly recognised as the most common cause of progressive chronic pain … more

21 mins

Nutrition plays a vital role in health yet, despite inappetence being a common presenting sign … more

30 mins

We can forget sometimes just how lucky we are living on a relatively small island … more

19 mins

Cats with heart failure are poorly served by published evidence regarding the most effective therapy. … more

22 mins

ABSTRACT Few areas in companion animal medicine are as contentiously debated as how we could … more

36 mins

July 2015

In dog terms, senior depends on breed and size. Generally, for small and medium-sized breeds, … more

26 mins

Fractures of the humeral condyle are common in dogs – particularly breeds such as springer … more

26 mins

ABSTRACT Iatrogenic hypothyroidism (IH) is an acknowledged potential complication following treatment of hyperthyroidism. Although previously … more

19 mins

The bibles of nephrology separate acute renal failure (ARF) from chronic renal failure (CRF) as … more

17 mins

ABSTRACT Entropion is an eversion of an eyelid margin, resulting in trichiasis (hair rubbing against … more

28 mins

May 2015

ABSTRACT Canine T cell epitheliotropic lymphoma is a rare disease with a variable clinical presentation. … more

21 mins

Many dogs affected with atopic dermatitis suffer from clinical disease at particular times of the … more

15 mins

February 2015

Clinical signs associated with ureteral obstruction in the cat are unfortunately non-specific (Kyles et al, … more

28 mins